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Accents and Language Teaching

Bill Pellowe, Robert Chartrand, Kevin Ryan

Podcast Notes

This is the second episode of ELT Podcast - The Teachers' Lounge.

Today's panel is:

  • Bill Pellowe, Kinki University Kyushu School of Engineering, and ELT Calendar.
  • Robert Chartrand, Kurume University.
  • Kevin Ryan, Showa Women's University, the University of Tokyo and kevinryan.com.
Today we discussed accents, starting with a look at an online quiz that can accurately place your accent to a region of the USA with only 13 questions. During the conversation, Bill mentioned a website that has compiled recordings of a wide variety of accents of English; he couldn't remember the name of the site at the time, but here it is now: International Dialects of English Archive (web.ku.edu/idea).

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Dec 10, 2006

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