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Michael Richards; Educational Reform

Bill Pellowe, Robert Chartrand, Kevin Ryan

Podcast Notes

This is our first episode of ELT Podcast, the Teachers' Lounge.

Today's panel is:

  • Bill Pellowe, Kinki University Kyushu School of Engineering, and ELT Calendar.
  • Robert Chartrand, Kurume University.
  • Kevin Ryan, Showa Women's University, the University of Tokyo and kevinryan.com.
We started with an article from the Japan Times, Reform panel eyes teacher improvement (weblink). We also discuss the Michael Richards incident (in which during a comedy stand-up routine, the actor best-known for his role of Kramer on Seinfeld began hurling racial slurs at two members of his audience), relating this to how we as teachers should develop strategies for dealing with disruptive students.

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Dec 3, 2006

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