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The Weather

Robert Chartrand and Bill Pellowe

Podcast Notes


As the conversation begins, we can hear heavy rain. So, when Mr. A says Nice weather, Mr. B understands that Mr. A is being sarcastic.


A: Nice weather, isn't it?
B: Yeah, tell me about it. It's been raining cats and dogs for three days. I just hate the rainy season.
A: Well, at least it's not too hot. What I hate the most is the hot and humid weather.
B: I know what you mean. I hate it too when it's muggy. Also, the thunder and lightning scares me. I always feel like it's going to hit me!
A: Nonsense! Anyhow, I'm looking forward to the fall. The air is clean and crisp. It's my favorite time of the year.
B: That's true. It is nice then. But I prefer the spring. I like to see the flowers blooming and the trees coming back to life again. Everything smells so nice in the spring. Also we can see the cherry blossoms.
A: Spring is nice, but I like winter, too.
B: What do you like about winter? It's cold and dark all the time!
A: I don't know. I guess I like brisk weather. I also like to go skiing and skating.

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Jul 3, 2006

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